15 January 2015

CCR Clearing becomes member of Bund Getränkeverpackungen der Zukunft (BGVZ)

CCR Clearing is now a member of the "Bund Getränkeverpackungen der Zukunft" (BGVZ), an interest group of renowned beverage companies, companies in the packaging and recycling industry and retail. Among the founding members were Aldi, Lidl, PepsiCo and Red Bull.

The group works towards a neutral, consumer and environmentally friendly use of disposable beverage containers with refundable deposit. Due to the technical improvements of the packaging and its recycling in recent years, as well as the nearly 100% return rate of container deposits, the BGVZ calls for an ecological reassessment of disposable beverage containers with refundable deposit.

Thanks to the high acceptance of disposable beverage containers among consumers and the very high return rates, also CCR Clearing sees a positive outcome for the use of disposable beverage containers in combination with a deposit system. As a clearing service provider, CCR Clearing will therefore support BGVZ's work for this type of packaging as as well as representative for their customers.


Bund Getränkeverpackungen der Zukunft

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