15 December 2017

Pick-ups made easy with RLG PickApp

Digitalization has arrived in the recycling industry. With RLG’s PickApp, customers can now organize the collection of their waste and residual materials in a more efficient, easier and convenient way via their smart phone.

Based on historical order data, RLG PickApp calculates for each container of material, the estimated timeframe when it will be full. These predictions enable users to schedule pick-ups in a more efficient, “on time” way. In addition, a list of all containers on site, with their predicted filling levels, gives users an immediate overview. Users can place orders for their collection immediately via the app where they can also find historical data from previous pick-up requests.

RLG PickApp is provided as a complementary tool for all customers with a CCR NET account and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Customers can login immediately with their CCR NET credentials. For the time being, the app is only available in German, however we will be launching it in additional languages depending on customer requests.

The dashboard gives immediate overview on the current situation:

  • The feature „volle Behälter“ (full containers) indicates that some containers on site have reached their maximum filling level
  • The feature „Ihre Beauftragungen“ (your orders) allows a quick overview on all pick-up orders in progress.


The screen „Behälter“ (container) lists all containers on site with their predicted filling level and estimated date for their maximum filling level.
Pick-up orders can be compiled and placed directly from that list.